DENPA is a VST/AU and Max for Live(Ableton, Cycling 74) Patch Developper.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any bug report or request.


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Please feel free to donate if my devices were useful to you.


Can I use your M4L patch with Live Intro/Standard?
No, You cannot.
You need Live Suite to use Max for Live.

Do you have any bundles of your devices?
No, I do not.

Do you have any discounts?
No, I do not.

Gumroad does not work. Can I pay with Paypal?
Yes, you can.
If you have some problems with downloading devices from Gumroad, you can pay with Paypal.
Send me the list of the devices you want and pay with Paypal.
I will send you the devices by Email within 24 hours after payment.

Email and Paypal account : mail(at)denpastudio.com

Can I pay with Venmo?
No, you cannot.
I don’t use Venmo.